Рентген контроль уровня наполнения

For containers that are difficult to see through, such as cans or cartons lined with aluminium, an X-ray inspection can be a good solution when looking for fill level control.

Fill level inspection for cans, cartons lined with aluminium and foiled containers and bottles

The Newton X2p from Miho is an X-ray fill level inspection unit that inspects cans, cartons lined with aluminium and foiled containers and bottles. The X-ray fill level controller distinguishes itself by requiring less than a tenth of the average amount usually used during the radioactive inspection for its measurement process.

Its core piece is an X-ray generator, which in contrast to traditional X-ray fill level inspection units only generates X-rays for a short moment during the measurement. The total radiation intensity is, therefore, only a fraction of what is the case with traditional X-ray fill level inspection units. The exact value depends upon the number of containers inspected.


  • Maximum level of reliability
  • Reduced amount of radiation exposure
  • Inspects cans and cartons
  • Detects under filling and overfilling

Miho (https://www.miho.de/) offers solutions for all inspection processes for the automated filling process of drinks, the complete monitoring of the filling line and an extensive quality control system for the product.

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